STEP 1:  Consult

Our job is to help you decide if a waterfront property can meet all of your recreational ambitions and desires. With that in mind, we will discuss this together to get a clear picture of what your perfect lake life would look like.


STEP 2: Inspect

This is a serious process. We get in the water and/or inspect by boat, and we have drilled holes through the ice to complete the required research. We focus on the most important component of waterfront property; from the seawall out into the lake. We use our proprietary 50+ point checklist and custom designed instrumentation to inspect things, like lake bottom composition and firmness, lake bottom contour aka “drop off” rate, aquatic vegetation, water clarity, and many, many other things. We also use our extensive proprietary lakes database as a resource for general lake information as well as regulations, restrictions, etc.




STEP 3: Report

Here’s where it all comes together. From our consultation, the inspection, and over 50 years of waterfront observation and recreation, we match the detailed positive and negative waterfront characteristics with your desired recreational activities to determine whether the waterfront property meets your recreational ambitions and desires.  




STEP 4: Solve

We will provide ideas for possible solutions available and general costs. We’ve spent many years compiling and revising an extensive list of the best, personally vetted waterfront service suppliers who can solve almost any lakefront problem. We will connect you with these solution providers.

We will uncover unwelcomed surprises beyond the shoreline...

-Starry Stonewart takeover, Dexter, MI